Division is weakness

Unity is strength



This first-time collaboration between Patta and Tommy celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the Pan-African Flag, symbolising Black unity and freedom.

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Limited Edition collection

The first-time collaboration between Patta & Tommy consists of a series of iconic pieces from the TOMMY archive, hand-picked and reworked by Patta.

The ‘PATTA X TOMMY’ capsule comes in unisex and kid’s sizing, and is centered around the Pan-African Flag, Black unity and community. In a time of division, the flag represents Pan-African unity; a feeling of interconnected histories, present times and the future that lies ahead. By replacing the iconic white, red and blue Tommy colors with the Suriname, Moroccan and Pan-African flag colors, this collection aims to put African culture and self-actualization of African communities everywhere front and center.

The campaign was captured in Lagos by Nigerian filmmaker Dafe Oboro through his short film, ‘Two Become One’, with campaign photography by Moroccan visual artist Hassan Hajjaj. To further mark the message of the collection, Patta has made the documentary ‘Katibo Yeye’ available to stream here, for a limited time only.

Tommy and Patta will make a donation to three organizations which support communities of the African Diaspora: The Black Archives from Amsterdam, London’s Sistah Space & The Good Neighborhood Collective in Milan.

Docu 1h

‘Katibo Yeye’ is a documentary about Suriname-born Clarence Breeveld, who, together with director Frank Zichem, traces the shipping route from Ghana to Suriname. Along the way they meet Stephen Korsah, a man who knows a lot about the history of slavery in his native country of Ghana, as well as in Europe.

Completely unaware about what happened at the final destination of Suriname, Korsah travels with them to South America. In inland Suriname, he is greeted in Kromanti, the language of his native region. Exactly how far the African diaspora has reached becomes clear. The wounds of slavery are far from healed.